"Architekt, Lehrer, Autor: Wilhelm Schütte in der Türkei (1938–1946)"

Burcu Dogramaci

Wilhelm Schütte. Architekt. Frankfurt, Moskau, Istanbul, Wien, edited by ÖGFA – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur and Ute Waditschatka, Park Books, 2019, pp. 48–63

Wilhelm Schütte spent nine years in exile in Turkey. Together with his wife Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, he had previously lived in the Soviet Union for several years. In Turkey, Schütte was also active as an author, publishing essays on the history of architecture, on current building challenges in his country of exile and on the education of young architects. Although as an architect he specialised in school construction, he also dealt with other building tasks during his time in Turkey. The essay deals with Schütte’s work in Turkey as a teacher, author and practising architect. It shows that his work left its traces and that he even coped with times of crisis such as the internment in Yozgat by actively participating in shaping life in the internment.