“Konstantinopolis Rus Ressamlar Birliği’nin (1921-1923) Üyeleri Olan Leh Sanatçıların İstanbul’daki Yaşamı”

Ekaterina Aygün

Toplumsal Tarih (Tarih Vakfı, Istanbul), January 2023, pp. 68–75

In this article, Ekaterina Aygün delves into the lives and artworks of three artists of Polish descent (Bolesław Cybis, V.P.T./V.P.-Tch./Viktor Prokopowicz-Czartoryski (В.П.-Ч.), Roman Bilinski) who resided and practiced their craft in Constantinople/Istanbul during the 1920s-1930s, following the 1917 revolution in the former Russian Empire. These artists were affiliated with the Union of Russian Painters in Constantinople, each pursuing distinct artistic directions and experiencing unique life trajectories. The article not only explores the similarities and differences among these individuals but also draws comparisons with other émigré artists from the former Russian Empire who were unable to relocate to the newly formed Poland.

Toplumsal Tarih