"Meidners Londoner Jahre: Produktion und Rezeption im Zeichen des Exils / Meidner’s London Years: Production and Reception in Exile"

Burcu Dogramaci

Ludwig Meidner. Expressionismus, Ekstase, Exil / Exile, Ecstasy, Expressionism, edited by Erik Riedel and Mirjam Wenzel, Gebr. Mann, 2018, pp. 257–278

Ludwig and Else Meidner lived in difficult circumstances in exile in London from 1939. They were hardly able to exhibit and sell their work, and their art was only little appreciated in England – German Expressionism met with rejection. Even after the years of internment in 1940/41 and after the end of the war, Meidner’s art found little attention, so that he went back to Germany in 1952 – but Else Meidner stayed. The essay will look at the social and (art)political conditions of Meidner’s artistic production in England and its reception. In London, the artist dealt intensively with English art history and developed some of his motifs from everyday life in London, so that the London years were more than just a creative period in isolation.