Nomadic Camera. Fotografie, Exil und Migration
Special issue of Fotogeschichte. Beiträge zur Geschichte und Ästhetik der Fotografie , vol. 39, no. 151

Burcu Dogramaci, Helene Roth

Jonas Verlag, 2019

Photography is the diasporic medium par excellence. Inevitably, it crosses local, regional, national and global borders in (e)migration and thus becomes a transnational medium itself. It is used on the road and in foreign lands as a medium of memory and recollection, but also as a means of communication. Photography is also used as a sign of appreciation and solidarity towards like-minded people. Not only forms of geographical uprooting, but also needs for belonging find expression in photographic documents.
Just like the images examined, the contributions to this thematic issue also transcend temporal, geographical, and thematic boundaries. They exemplify how photo-theoretical and photo-historical means can be used to analyze the complex relationships between flight, exile, and migration.