Of Migration
Collection of essays published by the Canadian Centre for Architecture

Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, Rachel Lee

CCA, 2021

In this collection, we examine people, places, and things as diffracted through migration. Migration is an event and a concept. Diffraction is what happens in the moment when energy meets an obstacle. The feminist histories collected here speak of that moment.

Of Migration is the second installment of “Feminist Architectural Histories of Migration,” a multi-sited collection of works that takes migration as its core concept and historical event to better understand feminist thought, work, and narrative in a spatial, material, and aesthetic field. This investigation takes place in three open access platforms: Architecture Beyond Europe, the CCA website, and Aggregate. Siting the collection within a three-platform scaffold, even if situated in an epistemic North, gestures to the conceptual instabilities of migration.

The CCA collection includes the following essays:

Architectures of care
Huda Tayob

“Bathing on the canoe jetty”
Warebi Gabriel Brisibe

Tracing a plan in Kréyol
Irene Brisson

“Convivium: Flora Ruchat-Roncati’s practice”
Irina Davidovici and Katrin Albrecht

“Lina Bo Bardi as migrant: from collector to cohabitant”
Ana María Léon

“Foreign arms and the economic body”
Will Davis

“Many stories to tell: women in the construction of Brasília”
Tânia Fontenele Mourao

“Dust and Lipstick [Film]”
Tânia Fontenele Mourao

“If on a winter’s night, azadi…”
Sarover Zaidi and Samprati Pani
Originally published in Chiraghdilli, February 15, 2020

“Corona diaries”
Samprati Pani
Originally published in Chiraghdilli, April 6, 2020

“Migrations, arrested: revisiting Atelier 66”
Claire Zimmerman