Workshop with urban researcher Ger Duijzings

Today the professor of social anthropology (University of Regensburg) shared his methodological approaches with the Metromod group

Ger and Ekaterina discussing research methods © Rachel Lee

Conducting interdisciplinary research in diverse geographical and cultural contexts is not without its challenges. And discussing some of these with Prof. Ger Duijzings today was a great help. Ger, who is a social anthropologist and expert in urban research, spent three hours listening to our conceptual and methodological issues, and sharing his knowledge with us. As well as encouraging us to embrace archival gaps as opportunities, he opened our eyes to the possibilities of historical research into sound. Perhaps we will be able to integrate reconstructed or original sound recordings of the cities into the walks we are curating. He also showed us that connecting contemporary urban situations with historical moments can be a valuable way to write about the city. And he convinced us that a researcher’s experiences in the cities can also form important sources to draw upon. In addition to understanding trajectories on a macro scale, he pointed out that it is also crucial to explore the micro mobilities of the exiled artists. Where were there stopping points? How did they travel? What were their daily routines? By understanding the intricate weaves of these movements, a lot can be revealed about the social fabric of the cities and their communities.

To find out more about his work, Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies is a great place to start.