Keynote at the conference "Crossing Borders" on 24 September 2021 in Copenhagen

A keynote by Burcu Dogramaci on “Beyond boundaries: Migration as a challenge to art history” at the conference “Crossing Borders”, hosted by the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen


In historical and contemporary perspective, Burcu Dogramaci’s lecture “Beyond boundaries: Migration as a challenge to art history” at the conference “Crossing Borders: Migration and the Visual Arts in Denmark, 1800-2021” explored the challenge of thinking art history as a migrant discipline. The lecture discussed how dispersion, connectivity and disconnectivity, belonging and place-making can be understood as categories of an art history on the move. The mobility of artists/subjects and their productions were part of an art historical analysis that deals with transitions, focuses on the processual and refrains from canonizing only the static. Art history can be written as a narrative of encounters, of exchange, of the perforation of borders, of performativity and processuality, of wandering concepts and conceived ideas, of migrant art practices and theories. The lecture took a transnational and transcultural perspective but – due to the place and topic of the conference – emphasized also on art in København and beyond in order to reflect on the connection between migration and art from a metropolitan point of view.

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