Oskar and Otto Marmorek were two architects who, although related, never met but had a great deal in common. The Marmorek family was an assimilated Jewish family that included intellectuals, doctors and artists. They came from the region of Galicia, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century and is now divided between Poland and Ukraine. Galicia was a multinational region of which the Jewish population was an important part.

Many émigré artists who settled in Constantinople after the Russian revolution of 1917 were from the territory of present-day Ukraine. Most of them were artists from Kharkiv, Odesa, and Kyiv.

During the first half of the twentieth century, Buenos Aires was an important arrival city for Europeans fleeing dictatorial regimes. Argentina’s colonial past, supplemented by massive waves of immigration, created a cosmopolitan nation. Among the thousands of exiles arriving each year, Ukrainian artists Boris Kriukow and Olga Gurski settled in Buenos Aires with their little daughter Lidia in 1948.