We are exited to announce that the first of many public art performances developed in the course of the remembrance residency will happen tomorrow: Catch the “Memory Person” exploring Munich’s exile (hi)stories. We meet at U-Bahn Silberhornstraße at 3pm!



We are very happy to share the news that Urban Exiles: Theories, Methods, Research Practices is out now! 


Recording the art practice of Franziska Windolf throughout her residency with gd:C/METROMOD dedicated to artistic commemoration of exiled artists. The artist together with Mareike Schwarz have been busy with community outreach, funding application and over all the further development of Franziska’s “performative monument“ to reflect on multiperspective, dynamic modes of remembrance within a post-migrant society.

A warm welcome to visual artist Franziska Windolf! Today she starts the very first edition of gd:C/METROMOD residency dedicated to artistic commemoration of exiled artists. Over the next 6 months, she will work on forms of remembrance of exiled artists from Munich. While at global dis:connect, Franziska is working with diverse portable sculptures, which form through encounters from interventions in public spaces.

On Friday 8.4.22 the jury of the Käte Hamburger Centre global dis:connect (gd:c) and METROMOD artistic residency met for the first time! After several hours of discussion, we are happy to have selected 4 candidates for the second round of applications. Many thanks to all who applied and participated!

We are very happy to announce an artist residency dedicated to the commemoration of artists exiled from Munich!

28 February 2022

Call for Papers for the Publication
Urban Exile: Theories, Methods, Research Practices